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Honda Parts Direct REVIEW

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Not a vendor here so I posted in this section.
ok so my review is they suck.
Part prices= the same price as others, not even cheaper so no incentive to shop here
Shipping prices= terrible
Shipping T/A= awful
they claim 5-10 day shipping. I've been waiting over 3 weeks.
Go elsewhere to get your honda parts.
This review is to save you the pain I'm going through.
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I have a big order through them right now and I will say their prices on what I bought was cheaper then the other sites including Babbitt Honda so I ordered through them .. I have been waiting for 3 weeks already but its because one part I ordered is on nationwide backorder .. maybe you should call them and see what is going on .. that's what I did and was able to find out the day the part should arrive
60 lbs of shipping can cost $50-75 I ordered a complete set of bodywork and plus a bunch more parts and I paid $24 shipping .. seems fair to me post what you bought and what you paid for shipping

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I received my complete order from them 2 weeks ago actually I was planning on making another order this week .. I will call them to verify if they are out of business I was satisfied with the service I received from them

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they are not out of business .. and their prices are still cheaper then others out there .. I received my parts when I ordered them so I don't see any problems ordering from them
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