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Honda Grom OEM parts going up in price, Northern Calif

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Yep I got to buy my parts just in time, got front/rear wheel, spare headlight cover, rear hugger/wheel fender before the price went way up. So I guess Honda is catching on that the Grom is a money maker. Got the front wheel sub-assy for $199.68 and rear wheel sub-assy for $221.79 and I checked today and the price for those items are now $266 for front wheel sub-assy and $296.51 for the rear.

Bought the spare wheels to paint it before my new Grom arrives. Also painting the white body plastic from tyra.

By the way if you are ordering OEM Grom white body parts from Tyra, they are out of stock.

update: found some other Honda MC dealers from out of state that have better prices than in Northern Calif, thank god for the internet.
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