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Honda Grom / MSX 125 Lower Cowl / Cover

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What do you guys think of this lower cover? I think it adds a nice touch.

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And in Carbon Fiber w/hardware:
Black Footwear Leather Shoe Carbon

Honda Grom MSX125 Cover Below Carbon Kevlar Supreme Racing Free for Hardware | eBay
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I like it but I think I am going to wait until a US based company makes one.
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^^^ what he said
Yeah, I'd like to see higher quality photos of the fit and finish.
Someone on here already got one from KingKongSoap off ebay if I am not mistaken.
Definitely waiting for some US manufacturers to make some aftermarket parts before I order.
I ordered from him. still waiting for it to come. I guess they are nice.
Nice, let us know how the quality is when you get it. Any estimates on when it should arrive?

I ordered from him. still waiting for it to come. I guess they are nice.
Reminds me of the cowl on the Ducati Streetfigher - I like it!
Should arrive in the next 2 weeks
What color did you go with?

Should arrive in the next 2 weeks
I got the red one.
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Does anyone know what passenger seat cowl / cover is on this bike?
That's the UG-LEE Version 1 I believe
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Not a fan? I think if it fits well then it would be a nice add on. I'm looking for a sportier look and I think it gives it that appeal.
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