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As the print world catches up to that of the digital world, Cycle World gave the Grom, the front page if their December 2013 issue. I know that this is old news and MNNTHBX already posted it, but I am posting it again on the front page. The feature article sang the praises of Honda for resurrecting the long since passed small displacement motorcycle of the writers youth.

The feature showcases the images from a skatepark session that the Grom was subjected to to get some great airborne shots. The Grom is, as we have all experienced, a great fun little moto to ride! It puts a smile on the faces of young and old alike.

They mention that the bulk of the buyers, in SoCal at least, are of the boomer generation, trying to relive the 70's era Honda Mini Trail. While many of us did not grow up in the 70's we are still able to enjoy all that fun and excitement. We are the new generation of minibike riders, and this is our heyday, and the Grom is our Mini Trail. Keep the excitement alive Honda! Cheers, and happy riding because you meet the nicest people on a Honda.
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