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Hilarious Video on WHY BUY A HARLEY

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Some of you may have already seen this.
But, we laughed soo hard watching this, we had to share it with the forum.

Let us know what you think ...

>> [video=youtube;1A3b_MRimbk]"]WHY BUY A HARLEY[/video] <<

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Not a fan of Harley either. Where I am everybody has them so to me they are boring. It's in your face everywhere you go. This year I finally rode one a 2013 fat boy with the 103 engine and on the first corner scraped the pegs . I thought, wow this is actually kind of dangerous. I own a '11BMW R1200GS and I can say although not as flashy as the Harley this bike easily outperforms it in every way that matters. It handles better, out accelerates it and is more comfortable. It's also not obnoxiously loud. I also don't enjoy riding in the Alps with the Harley riders I am always waiting on them because their bikes handle like pregnant cows. Every time I lead a group one of them seems to manage slide off the road. I'm not a showoff, I ride within my means and we have a separate group for Harleys, but these bikes are just awful for curvy roads. The video is right though, if you are just concerned with flashy chrome or ride mostly in a straight line in the slow Lane get a Harley. If I were in the market for such a bike I'd probably look for a victory anyway. People tend to buy what their buddies are riding so if you are considering buying a new bike decide for yourself what suits your needs. I bought a 1000cc sport bike and while it was fun I found myself wanting to tour and ride the occasional 10hr day. On my old bike my body would be sore after a long day. I can ride a week on my bike now with no problems and carry gear with. It's just my opinion, but Re are many other bikes that are better or cheaper than a Harley unless you want to buy into the Harley subculture. I have 11 bikes and a great deal of my life is dedicated to riding and my hobby so if that makes somebody on a Harley a "real biker" and I'm not then I guess that's the way it is. When I show up to a meet and the Harley riders avoid me I just smile when I fly past them on the ride.
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