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Hi from Plymouth England

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Hi there
newbie here from the UK.
pick up my YELLOW one this week 29 may. originally wanted red but none available untill august.
I saw the yellow in the flesh and liked it better than the red, I told the dealer I did not like the yellow very much, so to sway me me to buy the yellow they gave me a £150 jacket to close the deal fools :haha: I was going to buy it anyway.

I just returned from my holiday in thailand, there are hundreds of them over there running around, and the price? get ready to be pissed off £1400.

I went to a shop in bangkok with a few aftermarket bits for sale, but no shipping out of thailand until the end of the year.

About me. getting on a bit in years, Had more bikes than I care to mention, Done the american iron thing, now back on the rice burners.
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Nice to see another UK member, this week bike is really taking off ! Any pictures?
Nice to see another UK member, this week bike is really taking off ! Any pictures?[/QUO

Yes have pictures, tried uploading but the files are too big.
Welcome! I like the yellow, they look sweet.

For pics, post em up at Photobucket (or another site) and then link em here.
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Looks great... very nice!!
what is it?
Ah facebook, thanks, have an account on facebook but I dont really use it that often.
Congrats on the yellow Grom and welcome to the forum!
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