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Hi from Northern Ireland!

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Hi all!

My name is Chris, I have just ordered a Black model and looking forward to getting it hopefully mid July.:smile:

My other bike is a Suzuki B-King with a few mods, including a 1441cc big bore with about 205bhp at the wheel so I think the Honda may be slight slower!

I came across the little Honda after my one of my regular visits to the Belfast Honda dealership where one of my good friends work. I have always had a soft spot for gag / mini bikes etc., but the idea of a brand new, proper quality built mini bike ticked all the boxes! I told another friend about it and he ended up ordering a white one!
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You are going to have a blast. I am the only guy I know on the list to buy a Grom. I figure I will make some new friends at local events and I would not be surprised if a couple of my current friends need to pick one up after they see mine.
Do share your first impressions when you get your ride !
Congrats on the order Chris and welcome aboard!
Thanks for the welcome folks!

Another friend has ordered a black one today! 3 now so far.....I feel a few Traffic light Grand Prix coming on!:saint:
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Hi all. Do you know if the bikes are available in the Republic of Ireland.. a group of us owned honda zoomers they were great craic.. how are you getting on with the Grom
Welcome to te forum everytime more msx in the forum
lol this is a very old thread. Your better off sending him a PM about it dude
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