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I just realized my introduction post never showed up for some reason, so here it is again.

My first motorcycle was a new 1982 Z50R after having a few go-karts. After that, I had a new XL80S dual-sport, new TRX125 ATV, and a used 1986 Elite CH150D scooter. After I got my driver's license, I didn't own another motorcycle until 2005 when I bought a new Ninja 250 that was stolen a year later. A few months ago, I decided I wanted to get back into riding again and was looking at something in the 300-500cc range such as the CB300R or CB500F.

While looking around on dealer websites, I stumbled across a new-in-crate 2014 Interceptor (VFR800F) for just under half of its original MSRP of $12,499. It was way more motorcycle than I needed, but within the price range I was looking for which made it a no-brainer. The V4 engine with VTEC ("yo!") is incredibly smooth and sounds amazing. It's comfortable and the LED headlights are very effective. However, it weighs 529 lbs. and does not like to go slow. It's happiest at 55+ MPH, but I like to ride in the city and around neighborhoods.

The Interceptor has no storage and only gets around 45 MPG, so I decided to buy a slightly used Honda PCX150 scooter to ride most of the time while preserving the Interceptor as a garage queen. I found two used scooters online that were exactly what I was looking for, but both of the sellers flaked out so I went and bought a brand new 2019 PCX150. On my way home with the 2019, one of the sellers finally called who had a 2018 with only 437 miles on it for almost half the price of a new one. I couldn't pass up a deal like that, so I dropped off the 2019 at home and went and picked up the 2018.

My original plan was to sell the 2018 PCX150 to my brother so we could ride together, but he lost his job and there was no telling when he'd be in a position to buy it from me and I had no need for two, similar scooters. A few weeks ago, I decided to do something about that situation and traded it for a Grom. I got all of my money back in trade and a discount on the Grom. My brother had owned a Grom last year that he ended up selling. I saw it several times and rode it briefly, but knew little about it other than what he told me.

It turns out that the lilliputian, modestly-powered, clown-like Grom has become my favorite motorcycle. The Interceptor will accelerate fast enough to make me dizzy and the PCX150 is smoother, more powerful, and can hold four sacks of groceries under the seat, but neither are as amusing as the Grom. If the Interceptor is about respect and the PCX150 is about utility, the Grom is about charm.

The Interceptor blends in with other sport bikes, so it largely goes unnoticed. It means more to me knowing that I bought it new for half price. The PCX150 gets a few "nice bike!" comments from kids in the neighborhood who haven't a clue what they're looking at. The Grom, however, turns heads like crazy. In 600 miles of ownership, I've lost count of how many compliments, smiles, thumbs ups, and nods of approval I've received. I generally don't like to draw attention to myself, but I've learned that is an unavoidable aspect of Grom ownership - especially when you have the only one in town and most people have never seen on the road before.

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