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Hi / from north west england

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So got me a red one on monday, had to wait over 7 weeks for this bad boy, im used to an aprilia rs125 so in a way ive downgraded on performance but im sure ill get used to it.

First impressions are its so damn sexy, n its pretty loud with a stock exhaust, the thing that annoys me though is it feels like every corner i hit, that the bike feels like its wants to slap me on the road, not sure if its how light it is but it handles wobbly and loose, also i find it comfier sitting on the back end of the seat to help with riding position, any body else tried this? Anyways i plan on serious mods somewhere down the line as i hate standard, stand out from the croud eh!

Oh and id like to post a pic but im using an iphone and dont see an option to attatch an image.
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Hi I am in Newcastle and a moderator for the hondamsxuk forum on facebook so feel free to join, theres 2 lads over in Carlisle with serious mods on there msx's too and another fella in sunderland with one, we should all meet up soon for a blast sometime!
Welcome and congrats!
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome, can't wait for a detailed ride report.
Welcome! Post some pics!
iPhone? Download the app!!! Oh and welcome to the forums...can't wait for pics...
Welcome you will soon get use to the small wheel and then it will feel more planted also new rubber neds to bed in

Big te
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Here she is guys, cant insure her for ten more bastard days as thats my renewal date and my current insurer wont touch it cos its not on their list of vehicles! Bell ends. So for sake of an extra years no claims im waiting it out, got some ultra low renthal bars ill be sticking on in the week. Probs gona bash the tank a little i think.
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Love the Red!
Hello and welcome.

I'm from the North west on Congleton.
hi welcome! so lucky. most of us here have another 2- 4 weeks minimum.
Thanks guys, congleton not too far no??
Its either pearl or candy red its way nice in the sunlight! Originaly asked for white but took red as one came in first.
come join hondamsxuk on facebook, plenty updates daily for us brits!
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