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Here is what the Thailand GROM owners are doing or have on the market

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I have sent my friend who owns Bombay Motorsports in LA this website so he can contact them to get the ball rolling in getting parts available for the USA Grom ownersMocyc TV ???????? ProStuff ST1-PRO ?????? Honda MSX 125 - YouTube
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It look like a pack of skittles threw up all over that thing lol.
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Yeah, I didn't understand a single word he said.
I love that tail and bellypan
Boy I sure hope that by this time next year (maybe sooner) I am able to watch similar videos in ENGLISH.
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I actually kind of like it , the bike looked big with him on it, they would see ya coming:)
*********** cho , bing bong bing , all the parts are super cheap . Wait for quality USA or JAP parts this Ty stuff is junk
They need to do subtitles when they do videos, if they want to make foreign sales!
who said they wanted to make foreign sales? their market is way bigger than it is in the states, they could prolly care less to tell the truth
who said they wanted to make foreign sales? their market is way bigger than it is in the states, they could prolly care less to tell the truth
Very true Tommy...

From my experience you can buy cheap sh!t here, but there's also some good brand names that make quality well priced parts - YSS, Sharky, GTR etc.
One of the best accessory shops in Bangkok is called X-Speed... Google it and drool.... :smile:
I'm going to try to translate as much of it as I can. I don't know alot of the in between/transition words in Thai, and more complex stuff, but enough to understand what I need to.

"Hello, here we are from motorcycle TV, today we have a review for some dress up parts for a MSX125 sent in from Kevin, you may have seen some of his work on some bikes that are very loud/popular that are typically very quiet/low key. These parts were sent in by Kevin, this is the tail, the belly pan, and this piece is to cover the area near the gas tank. These parts, at first, when I saw them, I thought they were plastic ABS, but actually, they are fiberglass. Today we will try to install these parts, and see the difference in how it looks on our bike.

- break to installing top/gas tank piece. -

When you're installing this belly pan, with an exhaust like this damon exhaust, again these parts from Kevin, the exhaust sticking out this far, and when you tighten in this bolt, actually rests against the pan. The tail actually rests against the frame/structure of the MSX too. (I think they're point out how it doesnt fit well) "there's a problem in the fitment"

We're going to try a different exhaust to see if it will clear the bodywork better. It will fit under the tail, it's a PR2 ehaust, the angle of the exhaust doesn't match the angle of the tail, it doesn't fit well, it doesn't look too good. It would look much better with an exhaust that angles up much higher.

-Break showing different angles/photos-

Now that we have the parts fitted on, the parts that Kevin sent us for a review; the parts aren't that bad. They work. You don't have to worry too much about fitment, because they fit good enough. Everything flows. If you look at the tail, it looks higher, here I will sit on it. From sitting on it, it feels smaller.

It's good, I like it, one of the best parts out there right now from Kevin.

If you like it, or want to follow his parts, here's his information to follow him.

If you want to follow more reviews of motorcycle products, follow us at motorcycle TV."
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