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Hi Guys

N00b rider here- bought a cool looking “fender eliminator” tail light w/ blinkers gig for my 2018 Grom and after I installed (screwed in) and went to “simply plug and play” as the directions stated, I realized the adapter did not fit that of the bike’s. I bought this bike slightly used and the previous owner had installed a fender eliminator of his own, and clearly rigged his lights, but it looked like a very simple set up- main harness for break light plugged in with wires separated to only blue and yellow (for left and right blinker). The instructions were horrible so, stubbornly, I figured I would give it a quick YouTube DIY search and off to Lowe’s I went to gather electrical supplied. I figured I would cut the previous wires used to connect to blue and yellow, and connect it to what looked like the wires running to each tail light. Ran into a problem in that there was an extra wire running to a license plate light. After many failed attempts at cutting and connecting wires from both my rig and the previous rig using several different wire adapters (disconnect wire connectors and butt splice) I couldn’t figure it out, and then ultimately it lead to a blown fuse.

Can anyone help me out with this problem?? What did I do wrong, how to fix/right way to rig the wires, and how to fix blown fuse, etc? Would be an amazing help and I would be eternally greatful!!!!

PS: Blown fuse cut off all lights besides head light, but engine still starts. When I turn the key the battery makes a weird buzzing sound… /:

1. Original fender eliminator wiring
2. Previous blinker rig
3. Original fender eliminator blinker adapter
Don’t have pictures of the current state of wiring at the moment

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