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Hello from Texas

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Sup everyone! I’m new to the Grom world. I picked up a 22 SP with 30 mi on it. And my wife ordered a 23 model. Should be here beginning of December. We’re excited and nervous. We’ve both never been on the street riding in traffic. Only dirt bikes. Anyways glad to be apart of the community and look forward to modding and riding!
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Thanks for your post. Wow, a daily commuter - cool! We live close to the airport, so maybe we could meet up over here sometime? I have a Grom and my brother rides a Monkey.

Regarding other local riders, I spoke to the folks at The Motorcycle Shop (on Austin Hwy) for information on local riders clubs. They referred me to a couple of Facebook accounts: SA Warboys and SA Grom Squad. I signed up on both. There’s also the San Antonio Ruckus/Z125/Grom page, but it didn’t look like there has been much activity there. The guys at the MC Shop also said they heard that riders meet up at the Theory Coffee truck at Nacogdoches and 410 on Saturday mornings. I’m going to stop by and ask the guys if they know it’s a regular meet-up, or just random.

Have a great week!

- Galen
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