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Hello, from Iowa!

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I just got word of he Grom...gotta get into the madness!
i collected Z-50s and other vintage Hondas for quite some time and then backed off. Still have have 4 of the 50s, all hardtails, a Xl70 ko and a cb 200 t.
i ride one of them every day... Gonna put a deposit in tomorrow

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Welcome to the forum. We have documented about 120 deposits just on this forum. If you want one, you better hurry.
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Get that deposit down and ya might just snag one!

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What part of Iowa are you from? What dealer are you buying from? I live near Cedar Rapids.
Thanks for the warm welcome.
i did put a 500 deposit and am getting it from Garvis Honda in Desmoines. Both of the dealers that I contacted didn't have anyone contact them before me. I feel safe that there will be one with my name on it.

im outside of van meter. I've been thru anamosa many times.

Looks like I'm not getting one right away with grom obsession getting the only one my dealer is getting
Don't give up that easy, the sales manager at McGrath Powersports has been talking about having one of the small Honda dealers nearby order a Grom as well and then dealer trade it to them. I have no idea if this would be part of first shipment or nor do I know what color. Talk to Brody he will know most!
Is there a dealer in Iowa city you can check? They will deliver....
good luck... The two dealers here each had two on order and nobody but me ever contacted them for them.
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