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Headlight upgrade

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I ride my grom to work in the mornings and take roads that don't have streetlight and in the middle of nowhere. It's dark there are lots of potholes and animals around. I've been looking at a brighter more functional light. I've seen the way a 7"round looks and it looks great. Has anyone installed any and if so can you share what you've done? I've been looking at the KC 7" gravity pro and getting some adapters. Any input would help.
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Not familiar with the kc (dont want to bother looking it up either sorry) but a couple things to consider- don’t get a cheap round (you get what you pay for), make sure it has a proper cutoff beam (so you don’t blind oncoming traffic…you don’t want to blind someone coming directly at you and get hit) basically don’t use off-road lights/rounds/pods for street use.
You’ll need a bucket, some way to mount (cheap fork clamps or custom bracket) , the round and harness adapter (or diy). Wicked groms has the harness/h4 adapter

I went with a 5 3/4 round keeping everything to size- morimoto sealed6. You can look at my build thread for pictures/output and give you an idea on how I mounted it (a temp solution). Not a how to but hopefully gives some insight
Thanks man
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