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Had to go to the Dealer today

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The wife sent me a text this afternoon say that the dealer called and said my plate and registration are there for me to pick up. So I head over after work and and see the sales man Ron that helped me with Akaoni. He goes and gets the plate and then walks straight out to the Grom asking if I like it, hows it running, bla, bla bla.....Of course I have nothing bad to say about it and then the rest of the employees start coming out to look at it. Not just looking at it, but lusting after it. The head mechanic was in awe when I told him that I had it up to 63 mph and they all just grinned ear to ear to hear that I'm throwing a Yoshi on there this next week.

The other one that they got in, the black one, of which I'm absolutely convinced was Black Betty, is headed out the door tomorrow to its new home. I didnt find out who or where, but its got to be local and I'm sure they are on here lurking.

So if the person is on here and in the Winston Salem, NC area, send me a pm and we'll go riding.

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here in cali plates and stuff get mailed. I did stop by a different dealer before to buy a rotor lock. right as I parked the whole dealers employees ran out to me to look at it. that dealer didn't get one yet. right away the ask if they can take it inside to show off while I shop haha. everyone was all smiles.
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