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H4 RGB LED Headlights

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Hi, OG grom owner here, never converted a Grom to LED headlights before (or anything for that matter) and I'm fed up of the 60/65w halogen bulbs I have in it at the moment.

Is there a way to get an RGB LED headlight with H4 fittings (so it works with the standard grom LED conversion harnesses) that will still have the high and low beam functions on the OEM switch?

Looking for something like this maybe but I'm not sure if this will retain the high/low beam functionality: DIVEYE Diversion Bluetooth Controlled RGB LED Headlight Bulbs (Multi-coloured)

Any input is appreciated, cheers guys!
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OG Grom has AC at headlight, not DC. Suggest you get a new AC to DC rectifier before messing with replacement LED headlights.
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