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Gromless girl in LA saying Hi

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Hi Grommers,

I'm deciding to not be a lurker. I'm one of the peeps in So California that has been eyeing the groms. I currently commute on my Aprilia Mana 850. Also have a Vespa GT200 in the garage. I'm now having Grom fever and wanting a red one. As you know our Cali grom prices are HIGH and most dealers are sold out. I've had many scooters and motorcycles through the years. I can be fickle. But the grom is calling me so I'm hoping to add one to my garage in the next few months. I'm going to go to the LBC motorcycle show in December, like i do each year, to check out the new bikes. Right now I'm pretty sure I want a Grom even though I have not seen one in person yet. Also I met my neighbor's boyfriend who rides a modded ruckus and he wants to sell his ruck to get a grom. So Grom fever is all around me. I've been reading up on them. You all love the stock tires I hear, haha, just kidding. Anyways, just saying hello and hope to get my paws near a Grom soon.

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just drive up to Salt lake city .. I am going on Tuesday night to pick up my grom .. they also have a black one for sale .. $3297 out the door not including tax and license you will pay that when bringing it back to California... yes its a long drive but I will have my grom 1-2 months earlier and I don't have to worry about the dealer inflating prices ..
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