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Grom seats needed in Anaheim.

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Anyone near Anaheim willing to give up a seat so we can get a local dealer to make something worth sitting on?

This is the address 1367 S. Lewis Street Anaheim, CA 92805.
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Also me and I'm not to far from Anaheim (Huntington Beach).
I sent them the part number. That should work. I guess we will see.
Hey Banks.....
Will call them on Tuesday and get a seat to them on next Monday.
May be able to work a deal with them and save them the cost of a new seat and save a little. :smile:
Will keep you posted
My seat is going to them Monday. They said some from Handagrom had been talking to them, so I will keep you all posted on the results. Not happy with the hard foam so it will get worked out and maybe a larger base width. Did this with my CRF250X and it worked well. :blackgrom:
They have my seat and I had a long talk with them including the technician, about what I was not satisfied with. Together we decided to cut the top, add softer material (gel & foam), and make the narrow top area wider, keeping the same height. They will try to use the original seat cover and if it won't be large enough, then re-cover with a Kevlar looking material.
Should be ready at the end of the week.
Have to say they were very impresive and I was shown the whole process of what they do. I'm an old retired Aerospace Engineer and can tell from what I seen, they are great.
Will keep you all informed......

PS...They do a lot of Police motorcycle seats, for the same reason....:hondalogo:
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1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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