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Honda Grom Plazma LED Headlight Conversion Halos and Demon Eye Kit

Converts your standard halogen Grom headlight bulb over
to a super-bright, 5-Bulb, 1800 Lumen, LED Headlight
with forward facing LED Halo and rear facing LED Demon Eye.

Mix and match colors for the Halo and Demon Eye or keep them the same.
This Kit comes w/ (1) LED Headlight Conversion Bulb, Plazma LED Halo,
Plazma LED Demon Eye, Wiring Harness, & Instructions.

Product Features:
- A complete kit with LED cluster headlight and harness with plasma halos
(Does NOT include Headlight Housing).
- LED conversion kit provides exceptional light source for night time riding.
- 1 LED 1800LM headlight cluster with required harness.
- 2 plasma LED halo rings (for front halo, and rear Demon Eye halo)
- Choose between (5) single color options for Plasma halos (Front halo)
and Plasma Demon Eye (Rear halo): Red, Green, Blue, White and Yellow/Amber.

- Product comes with 1 Year limited warranty.

- "Optional" Multi-function Single Color Remote: you will have full control at all times at what custom rhythm your lights are pulsating at. For example: Strobe, Breathe, Fade.
Only for single color kits.

"Optional" 2 Channel Single Color Remote: you will be able to have your two separate halos flashing back and forth to each other or at different times or speeds (so one halo on each channel), or your halos (on one channel) and other lighting products (2nd channel) lashing back and forth to each other or at different times or speeds

For more information, just click on the link below

>> LED PLASMA HALO Headlight Conversion Kit <<

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