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Grom keyring?

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Now here are some Grom owners, hows about a keyring?

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X2 Great idea! I'd buy a few of those. Can anybody make this happen?
We need a apperal store...Hats,Shirts,Key chains,Stickers,Beer can *******, Bandanas, condoms...oh sorry bout that last one...
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That would be cool.
Coffee cups, mouse pads, but plugs, and so on.
Fleshlight ?
I don't know about the other stuff but I'd totally get a mug or key fob.
My work just purchased a machine that does the pvc keychains. ill look into it might not be that cool.
But they can print full color. I made a CF background on mine for my ruckus and put TotalRuckus on the front
and a CALL IF FOUND 541 XXX XXXX encase i drop the key somewhere. Even put my member name on it lol

Look kinda like these.
Text Font Label

The admin wouldnt happen to have the VectorFile for the logo would he? ;)
I could bang a couple out and see how they look. I know they make rubber
edges for them if i was worried about it rubbing on the stem.

Keychain Rectangle Bottle opener Fashion accessory Plastic

PVC keychains are badass. but you have to order in bulk to keep the price low.
after setup it was about $4ea and you had to order 250 of them :/

Keychain Fashion accessory
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Going to do some side search on goods. Not a lot of free time but will try.

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I'm thinking about getting an aviation type "remove before flight" key chain.
I can draw up and waterjet cut the silhouette of the bike.
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