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As the title mentions, the headlight and Hi-Beam indicator not working on my 2014 Honda Grom. I am unsure how long this issue has been going on for (most likely a week or so) but I am unsure how to fix it. When I turn on the bike the headlight or indicator light does not turn on either. All of my other lights/signals work, except for the headlight of course. Just spent 60$ on new bulb because I thought that would fix the issue, but I did not. I really hope I do not have to go the the mechanic and drop another $200-300. Now that i know there is an issue, i need to refrain from riding my grom because having no working headlight bulb is illegal. If this issue has happened to anyone in these forums, what did you do to fix the problem? I've read articles mentioning something regarding the ignition switch, and other articles about wires but m not sure what to do. are there any tests I can do with a multimeter? Thank you in advance for the assistance, it is greatly appreciated.
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