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GROM Eye to Eye Rear Shock Lenth

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I know this came up someplace but I cant find it.

Does someone know?

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from the middle of each eye is 10 inches Auto part Camshaft
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I ask the wisdom of the forum here.

The spring on the stock shock above has one less coil and is shorter than the springs I have seen on after market shocks.

Does this mean the shock is softer? The same? Hard to tell?
That is a good question Echo. I THINK the number of coils alone does not matter. I think a spring with more coils can be either stiffer or softer than a spring with less coils depending on the steel it is made from and the actual thickness of that coil and probably a bunch of other stuff. I think.
Yeap, can't tell from how many. but gauge of spring and hardness of metal. aka no dice from looks only. Anyone know the Spring rate and or how the stock one fares for most folks?
Stiff is what I hear...
The stock one is not too bad it just looks terrible. An aftermarket one will be softer and adjustable.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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