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So after going to the Bash earlier in the year with my Grom Fatherz 210 build and drag racing it I decided I wanted to get a little more aggressive and set it up to go faster. I went a a [email protected] at the bash but knew with a few tweaks it could go much faster so the new build began.

First I pulled the engine and sent it back to Grom Fatherz to do a once over as well as add a 5 speed trans, larger cam, and a even larger TB. White it was there I worked on the changes I wanted to make here. First I ditched the heavy stock swingarm with mojo stretch for a Gcraft plus 10cm arm. Switched out the brakes for Brembo P34s, Galfer wave rotors and, braided lines. Next I switched to lighter wheels and mitas MC35 tires. Swapped out huggers and multiple other parts with carbon replacements. Then I switch from Renthal Fat bars to a set of Drag Barz and added a 2” front fork drop kit.
2CDF30D5-0B74-48BF-8CC1-23CDA9C4E82E_1567136348698.jpeg 4E7C635C-3D1E-4A12-900C-E7251EE34626_1567136231953.jpeg

Finally we did a retune on the bike with MR12, and with the sticky tire likely soaking up a HP on the dyno made 34.6Hp.

With all said and done first retest of the bike at the track netted a [email protected] After a few tweaks I improved that time testing on the dragy to a [email protected] and a [email protected] I will be headed back to the track tomorrow to back up the new time with another slip.

Thanks a lot to Kenny at Grom Fatherz for all the support and one hell of a engine. The bike went a GPS confirmed 107 on the old setup. Will rest the new setup very soon for too speed.
CA56EA4E-06BD-4C31-9669-1FF0DA0E8BE1_1567136382338.jpeg 736A7846-C278-4215-858E-5C8C4CB4F337_1567136366490.jpeg


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