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hi all,

I am currently considering where to take the little MSX Grom on an adventure for my upcoming 40th B-day next year and one idea keeps on coming back to me.

I always have this magical draw towards the Nordkapp, Top of Norway and I think the litte bike is the perfect tool to do this trip on.

here is the little red devil:

I know that there are a few modification required, but I guess this could be a winner!

things to sort out are:

- seat - needs to be more comfy
- luggage - I consider a rack and maybe even solme touratech style like alu panniers
- extra fuel to increase range - although this could just be a 2 little can
- sat nav and camera holders
- hand guards

I will probably be camping or using the wooden log cabins which there are plenty of in Norway

here is a first draft of the route - its about 6.000km and I would take my bike on a trailer from the UK to Oslo...

three main reason for the little MSX over they other bikes I have:
1. its an adventure
2. speed limits in Norway are so low - suit the MSx perfect and saves me from fines and prison!
3. I dont think this has been done before!

anyway, i will keep this thread open and update it regulary as this idea takes shape!

Thx Lars

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Yes guys, its got to happen!

Current plan is for next July!

3 options I sort of have:

- go it alone
- do it with the missus - she does have a full bike license and a CB1000R although if she comes along i will buy her her own MSX125 although currently she is not yet sold on the bike!
- go with a friend - again I have toured with him also, but he would also need a suitable MSX as his big 1000cc Varadero would mot be the best match....

As for routing, the first post i just a rough draft, so of course I wont miss out on the Lofoten etc...

Maybe i can see if the soft luggage of the CB1000R fits the wee bike!
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