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Greetings from the PacNorWest

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What's up everybody, I've had my Grom for about a week and have 350 miles on it so far. It's my first bike, and I feel like it's perfect for the quiet country roads we've got out here on the Kitsap Peninsula. No mods yet, but at my 600 mile maintenance I'm going to put some Kenda dual sport tires on it and some heavier oil in the forks (30 weight?) so I can hit the fire roads on the Olympic Peninsula.
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Placed an order through my local dealership and my K761's should arrive tomorrow. I've heard various things about them but for the price point how could you go wrong. In addition, most of the negative reviews came from Ruckus owners where the tire came stock which tend to perform at a lower level as opposed to fresh tires off the rack.

Did a quick search and these reviews seemed somewhat favorable.
Kenda K761 Dual Sport Front/Rear Tire - Motorcycle Superstore
I'll see for myself. By the weekend, they should be installed.
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