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Project Urban Assassin
Owner: Nic
Instagram: Stuckurgirl

Here is the start of something EPIC.

The first step to this build was adding some BING......

After installing all the bing, we had to test it out against the Yamaha Zuma Turbo

After the race we knew it need WAY more power.

We were looking at a few big bore kits online and found that the Yuminashi kit was going to be a good for us.

Here is what we decided on:

31mm 3-Sensor PGM-FI Throttle Body Set
Port and Polished Over Sized Intake Mainfold
Progressive Duel Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers
Yuminashi EFI Controller
High Performance Camshaft
150cc Light Big Bore Cylinder Kit
14t Front Sprocket
4th Gear 25T Internal Gear
Stainless Exhaust Header
K&N R-1100 Air Filter

When we received all these parts, Denver got hit with a snow storm. We will be doing live feeds, How to Videos and much much more. Make sure to check back soon ! !

Check our website for more updates

Grape Street Garage Customs

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I've got the same setup installed, but I swapped the yuminashi ECU controller for the bazzaz. I used the stainless header to install my wideband O2 sensor and saved my full yoshimura system to reinstall later. Also I did some port work and Lightened the oil spinner and flywheel on the lathe. The Yuminashi 31mm throttle body is expensive, but I believe is a must if you really want to make good power. The it should make some good velocity. I'm also swapping the piston with a 60mm from TB. I'm very Interested to see your results. Thanks for posting your build.
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