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Got new rubber.... Pirelli GTS 23 and GTS 24 .... and red wheels

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It has been a big maintance weekend. I changed my oil. I took my front and rear wheels off (first time doing this on a motorcycle) and got new Pirelli GTS 23 & GTS 24 tires installed. Once I got everything back together I cleaned and lubed my chain. Tomorrow I have got to get my bar end miorrors installed. There is not much else I want to do other than stupid turn signals and levers.

I figured while my wheels and tires were off... I'll just paint them red. It is not really paint but plasti dip. I figure if I like it I might get them powder coated. I had thought about orange but it was to bright and the blue was to light. I am curious how long the plasti dip paint will last, for those that want to know I used 4 cans of paint.

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Plasti Dip cleans very easily with paper towels or a soft rag and GooGone. My white wheels got grease on them during installation. I used the goo gone and they are all pretty again! View attachment 10585

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Throw a white belly pan on there and that would make your bike look awesome IMO.

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