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Got Beats?

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Found a cool setup that fits on the handlebars perfectly. Im using custom brackets that hold my JBL Flip portable speaker. Awesome sound and blends right in with the bike. Gotta have my beats while im cruising! A lot safer than headphones. You can get the brackets on ebay for 39.99. The seller said they were going to be making more mounts for different portable speakers like the Beats pill..etc
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Cool. I have a Bluetooth set up on my helmet. You're right though, its not always the safest move to wear headphones while riding in city. Vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Car Auto part

Happy Grommin
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That is a clean mount but personally I am DONE with tunes on bikes. For me they are just more trouble than they are worth. Too loud when I'm stopped, too quiet when I'm riding. Constant adjustments.
Sena smh10r for me
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who is the seller or a link so I can watch for the beats mount

Have you every heard of the UE BOOM? I almost bought the JBL Flip and Charge, but didn't because i would need to make or buy a custom mount.

I saw the beats pill, but i would have the same problem and from reviews on amazon, they were having issues with iPhones.

I looked at the BOSE mini soundlink, but still wouldn't have a mount.

I ran across the UE BOOM. And i bought it because the volume is considerably louder and clear than the flip; equal to the charge. It is also water resistant

The reason why the UE BOOM is the best for a motorcycle, though is it has a standard 1/4 20 thread on the bottom. That made it so i could easily and cheaply use it with my existing ram mounts!

I will post a pic later… i'm not riding today bc of rain.
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I have the ue boom also, interested to see this pic
No offence but I hate a motorcycles/cars with loud music cause not everyone wants to hear your music. You are free to do whatever you want but be a little more considerate too.
I had some similar to those on my ruckus. Two 50w speakers with a 100w amp. Mounted under the seat could still hear it at WOT. Alot louder than any portable speaker setup. They were some shark speakers on ebay.

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