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So yesterday I installed the RS2, along with the DH Motoring ECU. Huge shoutout to both Kraze Motorsports here in Los Angeles, for hookin it up with the pass off... and to DH Motoring for the ECU! Can't wait to test it out!

Obviously I am filming it all for the channel, so I wanted to tell you guys that the first episode of the series will be coming SOON!! So deff be sure to sub to Goon Rides on YouTube and Instagram (links down below)

Today, I plan to splice the turn signals, and also install the new tail light! This should be fun!

Another thing, I am still waiting for the second can of purple paint to come (doing all the small things like the garnish's purple, and the main plastics matte black), so I'll be painting the fairings matte black... now I feel like it'll eventually chip, so I want to wrap it. Knowing me, I'll waste $$ in vinyl, and I'm in LA where there's a high demand in vinyl wrapping, so it'll cost $600 to wrap plastic, so my only option is to buy "graphics". I was looking at this one site... can't decide if I should leave it, or if I should get the matte graphics, or if I should get the carbon fiber option. You guys tell me lol. Thanks!

Matte Black:

Carbon Fiber:

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Check out SeventySevenDecals on instagram,,, Has alot of pre-cut Specific to the grom that will make this EZ-r for you.

Looking good, so wuss up you keeping this grom or Selling when done?

Good on you for learning the Flip game,,, at your age good shit!
I'll check it out! Nah, this was my first bike that I actually planned to keep... invested way too much lol

I got a Yz144 ima sell and then i'll keep on flipping

follow my insta and sub to the tube lol

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IMG_8527.jpg IMG_8523.jpg

We did LOTS of things on the gromski yesterday! New chain, new sprockets, rim tape (SUPER EASY), Installed the flashed ECU and Yoshi pipe (did that the night before)... I also installed the front end, and man does matte black and purple look good! I also installed the rear end panels, along with the gas tank panel. ONE STEP CLOSER! Trust me, it looks like there's 5 different shades of purple, but in real life it isn't bad at all! Love it!

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Updated List (as of 12/9):

  • Repaint all plastics matte black, rearsets in purple, gear shifter + brake pedal in black, and rearset pegs in black
  • Wrap Forks Black?

Video Playlist:

  • Seat cover
  • Bar Pad + Grips + Levers + mirrors
  • MNNTHBX Air intake
  • Yoshimura RS2 Low Mount Exhaust
  • DH Motoring ECU Flash
  • Sprockets + chain + Wheel tape
  • Turn Signals + Tail Light
  • Footpegs + Battery
  • Oil + Screen + Spinner + Clutch Plates + Springs + Lifter
  • Brake lines
  • Paint Fairings + Extras
  • Subcage
  • Handbrake + Axle Sliders
  • Reveal


  • JT 35T Sprocket
  • JT 14T Counter Sprocket
  • Purple CNC Levers
  • Black Foot Pegs
  • Black Grips + Bar Ends
  • Bar End Mirrors (Use on side)
  • D.I.D. 420 x 124 Link Gold Chain
  • Black Mirror Caps
  • Pro Taper Stealth Bar Pad
  • Purple Wheel Tape
  • Kustom Canz Metallic Purple
  • TST Industries Front Turn Signals
  • MNNTHBX Air Intake
  • Motoseat Ribbed Seat Cover
  • Lock Nut Tool
  • BikeMaster Battery
  • Core Moto Magenta Brake Lines
  • Mobil 1 10W-40 Oil
  • SMR Clutch Upgrade
  • SMR 60% Stiffer Springs
  • Chimera Lifter Plate + Gasket
  • Steady Garage Shipping + Tax
  • Cocks Stunt Parts Purple Subcage
  • DH Motoring ECU Flash + 10K Rev Limiter (Turn In ECU)
  • Used Yoshimura RS-2 Low Mount
  • Kustom Kanz Metallic Purple
  • Rustoleum Flat Black Paint
  • New Taillight

Some things to still order:

  • 50Stunt Handbrake Kit
  • 50Stunt Axle Sliders


Parts I might buy one day:

  • Michelin Power Pure
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Speed Spacers
  • G2 Quick Turn
  • EBC Oversized 240mm Rotor Kit
  • EBC Rear Rotor
  • EBC Front Brake Pads
  • EBC Rear Brake Pads
  • Seat Concepts Seat Kit
  • Side Panel Vent
  • Ohlins Fork Cartridge
  • Ohlins 100 N/mm Adjustable Rear Shock
  • Koso 170cc Big Bore Kit
  • Kitaco Clutch Cover Kit
  • Kitaco 5 Row Oil Cooler Kit
  • Straight Up Oil Pump
  • Fork Shrink SHOWA Purple
  • RSC Shorty Lever
  • Core Moto Lavender Handbrake Line (68in)
  • Powdercoat Wheels + Extras Illusion Purple
  • Z&Z Purple RearSets

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You're gonna use the 4T kind with the motorcycle on the label, right? Regular mobil 1 like you would put in a car will ruin your clutch.
Oh yeah I use Mobil 1 4T Motorcycle Oil, it's grey and red, a one liter bottle. I've used that in all my street legal bikes

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Huge update... I got all the painted plastics on, and threw on gloss black Honda Grom stickers (found em on eBay). I put my cocksstuntparts subcage on but then took it off (bc of the pipe ---->) I also took off the Yoshi and put the stock pipe on for a while, I have been practicing wheelies on my driveway lol. I pretty much installed everything but the handbrake, axle sliders, and the clutch kit.

I can't lie, I'm not too impressed with the build. I thought I coulda done better. You know what, the bike overall is good, it's just the mismatching purples. The painted parts (Gear Shifter, Brake Pedal, Turn Signal Boomerangs, The two circle side garnish cover thingis) don't match the rim tape, and the rim tape doesn't match the levers, and the levers don't match the seat cover (which looks pink now). I haven't even installed the brake lines, and those match the cover lololol. Oh and the stunt cage is it's own powdercoated color. I have 3 options. One, leave it. Two, take off all the purple stuff and find a matching purple (kinda hard) Go black with the seat cover and go purple on the grips (black levers). Or three, completely change up the colors. Like maybe do an all black build? Idk haha
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