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Giving up my beloved NSR for a Grom...

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Hi guys,

Been stalking the threads on this forum for quite some time now, and finally decided to join as a member myself. As the title says, I'm giving up my baby, my 2003 Honda NSR 125R to make room for a Grom, our 7 year relationship over! So if the Grom is not as fun as you all say, im holding everyone of you responsible ;)

Loving the builds and custom work some of you have going on, hoping to do a few bits to mine - although I will admit to knowing nothing about engines or general mechanics. Though a little handy when your neighbours a bike mechanic ;)

Already looking at tail tidy's, stretching kits, lowering kits and all sorts! So yeah hey everyone, may eventually put my own build thread up, see how it goes!

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welcome aboard the Grom train... addiction is powerful.. your wallet will not like you in the end.. but so much fun is waiting on the other side :)
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