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Getting the Rear Shock Off and On

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If I buy a GROM I'll have to r and r the rear shock and send it out to have a special soft riding shock made. This may well happen in the dealers parking lot if I have to ride it home.

If you have a GROM is doing that a straightforward thing? Changing shocks used to be a no brainer but not anymore.

Does anything else have to come off and if so what?

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The bottom bolt is super easy to get to, the top one is a little bit tougher, but with a couple of wrenches it can definitely be reached without removing the plastics.
Great thanks!
I know you actually HAVE a Euro GROM and can I ask a few questions?

Ill probably need footpeg lowering adapters. Are the footpeg attachpoints for the GROM like anything else (would other footpeg kits work?)

How about the handlebar mounts? Regular barbacks work? How about the FOX ones? Is there sufficient cab;e/hydralic hose lenth or are extensions needed?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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