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Hey guys it’s Kyle here.

Today I’m gonna bring you guys a cost-effective muffler.

Let’s get into business!

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The first thing you might consider is whether it’s easy to install right? that’s super easy installation, from gathering your tools stuff to a test riding, only took you less than 20 minutes. Cuz all you gonna do is just to slip it right on and install the little bracket- don’t even need any instructions. Saves you a ton of trouble for any time-wasting after-sales service wrangling, but of course, you can come to me for help if anything goes wrong.

As many of you guys would take sound into serious consideration, I can promise you that this little stuff can offer you a much better experience. If you’re looking for something that would not piss off your neighbor, It sounds sporty and clean with a baffle on. If you're looking for an aftermarket exhaust to give your grom a better look and sound like a beast, just remove the baffle and let the monster out! Same product, different option.

And speaking of price, it’s definitely worth every penny you spent on it. One of our customers got himself one and reached out to me, said this muffler sounds exactly to the one his friend is using, which cost that mate 400 bucks.

But here, with a 5% off you can get it with less than a hundred bucks.

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Compatible with Honda Grom Msx 125 2013-2023

Order Here

Many in stock& ready to ship!

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