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Future Grom owner from Boston!

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This is my first post. I'm new to the mini bike scene. My previous bikes were honda cbr600rr, 06 r6, and cbr1000rr. I've always been a sportbike kinda guy. But after seeing the grom, I just couldn't help myself from falling in love.

I just found out about the grom a week ago. I called my honda dealer to see if I could put a deposit down. They told me that have 3 coming in at the end of the month but they were all pre-sold. The salesman that I talked to went to the GM and asked if they could get more and he was able to get a black one for me!

I've never been this excited about a bike. Hopefully it won't be a disappointment.
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Welcome to the forum!

Where you located?
I'm in the south shore area.
I'm just north of Boston. I have one on preorder in Weymouth!
Nice! My family has a restaurant in Weymouth! You should come by when you pick up your grom! I'm always there Friday and Saturday evenings. I put a deposit on the grom at cycles 128.
congrats!! I can't hardly wait to get mine... #3 for Black in Houston, TX!
Welcome to the great wait! Glad to have you with us.
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