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Full exhaust tyga , what do people think ?

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So I bought a Tyga moto magot , As far as quality goes I am very happy with it , but this thing is super loud . My focus when buying an exhaust was price , sound and getting rid of the cat.My plan is to add a pre muffler to quiet the bike down as this is the only exhaust I like as far as looks. Who else owns a full system by tyga out there , and what do you think about your exhaust?
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thanks for all the feed back , I sourced an fmf 125 cc muffler and I am in the process to use it as a pre muffler . as far as cost and look tyga is the only system I am interested in , if they made a pre muffler I think it would be a plus , and grom shoppers would be interested .
well I put a shortened fmf 125 cc muffler on my tyga race exhaust system and it sounds much better and now some of the torque is back . I would post pics but I still cant up load pics on this forum .
Well if you want to be that guy so be it . There is a difference between loud with performance gains and loud with minimal gains .
The race system killed all the torque and a pre muffler brought it back . Like my OP said , I wanted a race system to get rid of the cat and a good exhaust tone is a plus .
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Well your 26 and I am 37 , been around the motorcycle game for about 20 years and I was a Honda , Suzuki and sea doo tech at a few dealerships . Loud does not mean HP gains or a faster bike . Torque is the major player in this little bikes case and it needs back pressure , this is a low tech mini that needs as much torque as possible and a pre muffler is an easy power gain .
You are correct , I guess the best thing to say is all of us want power gains and a full exhaust is part of the equation , not the solution . I can tell you that a arata exhaust will make more power on an r1 than a hot bodies kit and the arata has a quieter note . As far as my preference I like an exhaust with a good tone and IMO the tyga was way to loud with large power loss on the bottom and mid range .
I work at a dyno shop and a dyno is not the end all tool , real world riding is the big test . I would imagine that most of the riders on this forum are using there bikes on public streets and the ride ability went up greatly when I added a pre silencer . Like I stated in the op this is the only exhaust I wanted as far as quality and looks and I am pleased with those aspects but try adding a pre silencer and ride the bike , I had 5 friends test the results and all 5 liked the pre silencer better as far as ride ability , torque and exhaust tone
Well dyno results are good for marketing but real world riding is what its all about . Did you guys ( Tyga) try a pre silencer ? And 2 of your exhausts are the only ones on this forum for sale (used ) one person saying the moto magot was too loud for him .I'm not trying to bad mouth your(tyga) quality or parts , I'm a big fan , most of the parts your company produces are the only ones im interested in . Can you try making a pre silencer for your race system for yourselves , I would think a lot of people would be interested . The hard part about these exhaust videos people are posting is that you cant tell how loud the system truly is at WOT . Maybe these manufactures should give a DB at WOT . I like loud biked but this exhaust at WOT is just embarrassing in public
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I wish I could load pics but I'm having trouble on this forum with my Mac. The pre silencer is a muffler before the end muffler . Where the cat is on the grom I put a 8" fmf 125cc 2 stroke muffler that I cut down , pipe diameter was the same as the Tyga header tubing size , only took about an hour to fab up . My grom is the prototype for 50stunt .com so new american parts are on the way , I will see if he can up load a few videos on his web sight and you will see the pre silencer along with some trick parts .
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