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Fuel Controllers

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I spent most of Saturday & Sunday removing the Kitaco i-Map fuel controller, which was wired into the harness with solder, so it wasn't that easy. I got it to work fairly well, once I had grounded the O2 sensor wire. It would not, however, effect the map @ 80% / 100%, no matter what I did. I have a good relationship with Dynojet, so they allowed me to purchase a Beta version of the Grom PCV with Autotune. To date, they had not worked with the Autotune add on, instead trying to allow the PCV system to control the fuel with just the internal map. With the 170 displacement, that's not an option for me, as no 125 or 133 map will provide enough fuel. The PCX150 fuel injector is working well, so I programed the Autotune target field from 12.8 to 13.9 /1, depending on the load & rpm. This next week should be warmer, so I'll get some testing in. The latest word is that the PCV will be out in about a month. I'll feed back what I observe with the Autotune to their engineering dept. Dynojet is a quality company, I know that they want to get this Grom unit right.
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I noticed you opted to use the stock cam. Were you seeing issues with the aftermarket offerings?

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I wouldn't say the PCV with auto-tune is mandatory. It is the ideal and the most flexible solution, but with a good tune the bazzaz will also should work very well.

Im patiently awaiting my 170cc kit and am excited to start tuning with it.
Correct, it makes suggested value changes in the map based upon your targets.

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