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FS: Yamaha Zuma 50cc 2004 in Blue w/ Clear Tx Title - $1650

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FS: Yamaha Zuma 50cc 2004 in Blue w/ Clear Tx Title - $1525

I have a Yamaha Zuma 50cc 2004 in Blue for sale. It is in great running shape.

It is stock except for two mods.

I added C3 mirrors and added a very rare yamaha short windshield! You can't buy this windshield in the US. You must special order it. The trunk and ram mounts will not be sold with this scooter because they will be installed on my new bike.

It has 2208 miles on it. When you purchase it from me, there may be a few more miles because i ride this daily to work, but it has been raining a lot so i have been driving my other vehicle to work.

There is one issue with it. A stator ( similar to an alternator in a car) in this type of scooter creates electricity to charge the battery, run headlights and signals, powers the horn and electric start.

I went to Mancuso Yamaha on 59S, and they said the stator is $110 plus $80 for labor. So instead of spending $200 to fix it. I bought a $23 Battery tender jr. to charge my battery. It has a quick disconnect so when I get home, i just plug it in.

Other than needing to be washed and the stator problem. There are no other known issues.

Top speed on this scooter is 40 mpg unless your going downhill. I reached 42mpg. I'm only 145 pounds so if you are large. Top speed may vary.

I do have a CLEAR TEXAS TITLE in my Name.

My price is FIRM, unless you are ok with me removing the windshield and reverting the mirrors back to stock. When installing the new mirrors i broke the right mirror because it was left hand threaded! They are $18-$25 at ebay, amazon, or at yamaha.

I will take $1325, if i remove the two accs. I'm not in a rush to sell, because i have placed a pre-order for a Honda Grom and I won't take deliver for a month.

Please contact me at 281-606-58 five three, if you have any further questions. This listing is for local buyers in the Texas area.

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Is the stator a common problem with zumas?
not exactly sure... i only had it for 3 months.
No warranty? Kinda crazy for it to go bad that quick.
Nope I bought it local on CL. If the grom wasn't so bad a**.

I would be more than happy to keep it. I see that it is recommended to top off your battery with one, but for me it is the primary means of charging.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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