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FS: OVER Racing Engine / Frame Sliders (Hard Anodized Black)

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Have a couple sets of OVER Racing Engine / Frame Sliders made in Japan available now.

Comes complete with left and right set as well as all mounting hardware. Bolts directly onto AND through the engine for a very sturdy and strong connection. Color is hard anodized black. $229.99 plus shipping.

For additional info and photos please check out our build thread.
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Save $229 and just don't lay it over lol
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Just Got my frame sliders in... Thanks @racefarm for the fast shipping!

I am amazed at the packaging and quality of Over Racing components. A+ craftsmanship.
Nice looking just seem like a shitty spot to mount them. I know there isn't a bunch of places to put them but.
I got mine late last week. Racefarm is really nice to deal with and has great communication, definitely recommend doing business with them!
Even though the directions were completely in Japanese the sliders were easy to install and seem pretty solid. I have Driven rearsets and Composimo Racerbarz and when leaning the bike all the way over it looks like the rearsets and bars are still going to take the first hit in a low side or tip over, so the sliders are kind of a secondary level of protection. I think I would prefer they didn't take the first impact anyways since they are attached directly to the engine case. I think the design and style is a little better than the R&G ones which are basically the same price point. We'll see how they hold up, hopefully I won't be testing them any time soon!
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