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I decided to to weight my rims and new brake dic just for FYI info in case members wanted to know or not.

The rims were weight with out the bearings or the black paint and the rear hub has the bearing but black paint removed. The brake dics are new stock from babbitt honda

Front brake dics, 1.6 lbs or 745 gm or 26.2 oz

Rear brake dics, 1.4 lbs or 640gm or 22.5 oz

Front rim with no bearings and Black paint removed, 5.38 lbs or 2440gm or 86.05 oz

Rear rim with no bearings and black paint removed, 6.45 lbs or 2930gm or 103.20 oz

Rear hub with bearing and black paint removed, 1.10 lbs or 501gm or 17.65 oz

enjoy the data
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