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french msx125 review helmet

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What it is helmet in the msx125 french review. Sorry my phone will not let me post the video link

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On youtube hes on a yellow one
It looks like the Shark Raw model. Pretty freakin cool!
Looks like daft punk mixed with a WWII gas mask. Definitely gives a distinctive look.
Not to bad thanks. It is a cool helmet when closed. I prefer full face helmets was hoping the facemask was built in
the shark helmet looks cool, I saw it in the flesh and tried it on, its basically an open face helmet with a paintballer mask and goggles attached, at speed the wind gets under it and it lifts, ok round the city in warm weather I suppose but I decided not to buy and stick with my full face shoei or my carbon motorcross lid!
Is there really any reason for me to buy a helmet i just use my dot dirt bike helmets when ever i ride. And my goggles. Any reason not to at speeds over 80 it annoys me but i have just always had spare mx helmets so i used them
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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