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Frame Sliders

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Found a guy on facebook by the name of Moto X Hayashi selling these frame sliders that I thought would be a good idea to pick up. Install was pretty straight forward and the parts were pretty damn good quality. All stainless hardware was included, spacers were machined aluminum, fit was spot on and it used all existing holes on the engine to mount.

If any of you guys are wary of not keeping the sticky side down and would like some extra protection in case you do go down I'd highly recommend picking up a set of these when they become more readily available.

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You know why i wont be buying those? because they bolt to the motor and not the frame. Last thing i want is the bike to go down and it rips/cracks off the bolts holding the engine case on. A few Groms have already gone down and it seems the Footpegs bar ends take the abuse. the engine case did not even get touched.

I had frame sliders on all of my other bikes.. but on this one.. from the pics i seen of them going down looks like its protected good.
they do look killer though!
And they are machined for a front stand. If I didn't want to use them as protection, I'd like to have something like that to service the front end
Highway pegs?
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love the looks but I agree mounting to the motor is a no go
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