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Brand new not used or fitted- change of plans the only reason for sale.
Available to UK members probably best-

Finbro Super Head 30.5mm:

Honda Grom/MSX 125 SuperHead, with NEW 30.5mm intake porting to match KOSO 34mm larger throttle body.

Redesigned FinBro SuperHead for maximum air delivery. Still includes the upgraded stiffer valve springs, NEW larger 30.5mm hand port and polished intake and exhaust runners. Compatible with ANY aftermarket BBK but best when paired with the 125cc OR 147cc, for larger bore sizes please contact for better options.

Includes NEW head and exhaust gaskets.

OEM Valve size: 25.5mm intake/ 20.95mm exhaust

NEW FinBro SuperHead size: 27mm intake/ 23mm exhaust

Looking to just get most my money back after importing from the US £265 GBP

Koso Intake manifold for above head to Koso 34mm throttle Body. Note- this is only the intake manifold. New, boxed and not even opened. Again just looking to get most my money back after importing from the US £70 GBP

I will post items within UK at my cost!
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