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Foot Pegs - New!

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For now these are limited in supply, but I'll have plenty in a few weeks. They're high end German units, and the price reflects that. That said, they're FANTASTIC. Much better feel, higher grip, slimmer design. They'll be up on MNNTHBX - Enter any day.

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Ordered! Next order will be the exhaust :toothy12:
Not soon enough for either of us....
These look nice, I am making my wish list now and these are on it.
ooooo I want :)
any measurements?
2.75" long (knurled portion only)
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I just got mine today and mounted them up. They are really nice.
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Still available, don't see on the site?
Always, though the site may be down overnight while we make massive upgrades. Contact me directly if you need an invoice sent, and we'll get what you need out.
Racing and trackdays.

Fixed act like frame sliders when you wad up. To me it's the difference between potentially mangled controls after a little lowside, or a little bit of the peg getting ground off.

LOLOL............and like a frame slider can catch and send it cart wheeing. Folding is always a better option race or street.
How do these hold up against low siding the bike or any weighted pressure on top of them? Need something sturdy to take a fall without snapping pegs.
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