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Flywheel In Oil

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Hello everyone, I need a bit of help / confirmation on a possible problem.

The last 50 miles or so have seen my MSX get a bit rattly, so today I thought I'd give the tappets a quick check / adjust. All was going well until I removed the center cap to get to the flywheel nut. When I removed the cap, quite alot of engine oil poured out. I've owned and worked on cars and bikes my whole life and I've never come across a flywheel running in a bath of oil, especially when there's also a magneto / alternator in there.

I've had a look at the service guide and it doesn't mention having to drain the oil to adjust valve clearances. Can someone tell me if this is normal on this engine or if I have a problem with possibly a dodgy crankshaft seal?

BTW, the bike has just covered 300 miles.

Thanks in advance for your help
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It does go in the oil, there are galleries that go between the case halves and having oil on and around it is nothing to worry about.
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