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I rode mine down to chicago last night after work in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I took regular roads all the way there 54 mile run. No problems with speed or power. Wanted to get home faster seeing as it took more then two hours to get their. I decided to take the expressway. From down town I barely hit 60 at wot. Once I got futher north Highland Park, Illinois I was seeing 62 and tucked behind an suv I saw 64. Mine is stock for now. I am waiting to here what the best upgrades are before I waste some hard earned cash. BTW I got 107 miles on the tank before the low fuel light started to flash in my driveway. It took me just over an hour to get home.

As for comfort level I know it sounds bad, but I have not riden since my last crash on two wheels in 2007 and my ass was quite sore. I remember when I bought my first bike Honda CBR929RR in 2000 I felt the same. Will it get any better/softer and yes it did. As long as you continue to ride it will break in I hope.

As for riding gear well I am a firm believer of wearing a helmet and the right protection, but last night was very hot and even before I left the shop getting my backpack situated I was sweating. I decided to wear glasses. On the way down it was for the most part great aside for construction zone I hit for one mile...ouch. The ride home on the expressway was a different story. Cars were passing me and kicking up debris more then I would have ever thought. See when I used to ride my sport bike to the city I was the one doing all the passing and alway had my helmet jacket gloves jeans boot on and never felt any of it.

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