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Finally put 600 miles on a Finbro 235 2V motor and finally was able to open it up and make some speed runs.

Just thought I would report on the performance of the Finbro 235 2V motor.
My set up – Finbro 235 2v motor with Finbro ECU and oversized throttle body. K/N cone air filter. DG header with a straight through exhaust from a KTM 300 XC. 140/70-12 rear tire. Kitaco side cover and 5 row oil coolier

I’m 6’3” and weigh 230lbs.

Per GPS I was hitting 75 mph (about 8300 rpm)on flat ground both ways no tuck and 79mph in a tuck with 15/32 gearing.
With 16/32 gearing is was only getting 71 on flat ground and no tuck.

I was hoping to get at least 90 mph in a tuck but I’m super happy with the torque down low for wheeling and ripping around town.

It gets to 60 mph quickly and easily and it cruises easily at 60-65 mph. Very little or no clutch is needed to wheelie in second gear at about 20 mph.

I purchased everything from Hard Racing and as always they are great to deal with and answered the questions I had through e-mail very quickly.

Grom on!!!!
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