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Finally got my GROM!

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All i gotta say is WOW. This bike is a beauty! Going in fully blind i had no idea what to expect. These last few months reading reviews & seeing other photos/videos it was hard to tell how big/small this bike was. I think its perfectly in between. Its not tiny but it aint big. Definitely top notch Honda Quality. The ride? Waaaay too much fun. Super peppy & easy. The seat atleast on mine wasnt that hard. The suspension feels about rite for my height/weight(5"4 140lbs) The handlebars/mirrors are not as big as you think either. I had my doubts for sure but after riding it & seeing it in person this is for sure gonna be a classic bike. Should have a quick video shortly.

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WTFFFFFFFFF...what dealer did you pick up from man?? And what was the OTD?
oh yeah, congrats! hehehehehe
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Congrats. Looks like California is getting bikes in now. Even though Ikwan78 is from Texas, he had to drive to Louisiana to pick the first one up. Hopefully, Texas will get some more soon. Far as I know we have only had a handful sell in Texas so far.
Right on Jason.
:sigh: congrats I guess..
I feel ya!
Congrats man!
Got mine too! Some guy I ride ct90 s with was in the same dealership and took it right from underneath me! Haha, after I congratulated him, my dealer said, "I can sell you a red one!" Naw. I wanted the black one, I wanted his! So I ccalled another dealer in Corona And offered a down payment over the phone. He said " I only have one left!" It was the black one. It is noe MINE! I heard each dealership in So.Cal only got in three! They are going like hot cakes!
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