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F/S pair of chazzo shorty CNC levers black w/ titanium adjusters $30 shipped

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Got a set off ebay - black with titanium adjusters. Never installed them - paid a bunch for a set of ASVs in a moment of weakness instead...

Asking $30 shipped to you USPS (continental US only) - what I paid.

Have them in hand and will ship ASAP once paypal received.

First 'take em' gets em!


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$15.00 shipped?
No thank you, but thanks for the bump!
What's the difference in these and Pazzo or ASV?
These are copies of the pazzo's. $30 is what I paid for them off eBay. I have them in hand and will send usps priority flat so will be closer to 3 days than weeks.
I will take hands are small and these I think would work great. me your info. I will send the money asap. :)

Invoice sent to the paypal you requested.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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