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F/S grom replacement decals

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Like it says, i make replacement decals. They are VERY close to stock and look great! I will do them for $20 shipped for the set of 6. Ebay I charge $29. Here are a few examples:





I will make any color, i also have some flat colors. Let me know if you need to change the color of your decals!
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I will look into the colors I can get and see what is the closest to that. I might be able to get pretty close. Ill let you know
Man, Gold looks great!

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ill he honest, i didnt think I was going to like it but it really looks awesome! I know its a little hard to see but...

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Ill make whatever you want. I just made an OMG125! Lol. I just cant seem to get the MSX125 right. If i could order a stock sticker somewhere so i could have it in front of me I could.. But geting the stock one seems tough
Carbon fiber! Its 4d, you can feel a texture. The only thing I font think I can do is the same "fuel injection" under PGM-FI.

for $20 i will do both honda/wings, both groms and a HONDA for behind seat above tail light..

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I also have silver, red and white carbon on its way..
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