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ELFR-1 L.E.D Electronic flasher for 4 LED turn signal and MNTHBX Fender Eliminator

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Flasher Custom L.E.D. ELFR-1

After reading for hours and what did and didn't work, i was able to figure out which relay works with all 4 led lights. Again MNTHBX helped me out and mentioned that this was a good choice. Its works great. this is how you do it.

1.remove 4 bolts holding head light on. remove.

2. re-move flasher that it top of headlight assay.

3. back prong connectors out of factory whit connector.

4. take new relay cut wires and solder on male flat terminals to wires

5. plug the black wire into the white and the red into the black.
shrink wrap terminals and tape.

6 . mount new relay on the old bracket with a small bolt and nylon.


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7. Done, flash away!
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If it doesnt work for some the either got a bad unit or its hooked up wrong.
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