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Hey guys,

So about a week ago I started having some electrical problems with my 2018 grom.

The bike starts up fine, and I can ride it without any problems.

However, there are no lights in the cluster, the indicators and rear lights are gone, the horn doesn't work . . . The only electrical part that works is the front headlight.

I don't know a whole lot about electricals but have done some things to try and fix it, my first thoughts been fuses, relays, ground connection etc. Most of it needed a good clean with a wire brush but didn't seem to fix the problem.

I next thought maybe some dodgy wiring, and sure enough, there were some questionable tape jobs, specifically for the rear lights as the previous owner gave it a tailtidy. I've tried tidying it up but still no luck.

And suggestions on what else it could be?

I know I haven't provided heaps of information, so if you need any more please feel free to ask.

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